Place your wager on either Player, Banker, and/or any number of available bonuses.  Cards will be delivered to the Player and Banker sides, values are added together, and the side closest to nine wins.

All face cards and “10s” count as zero, Aces equal one, and cards 2 through 9 are worth their own respective values. *All values of 10 and higher drop off their first digit (e.g., 10 = 0, 15 = 5, or 29 = 9).

Tied values push on all Player/Banker wagers and only pay optional Tie Bonus bets (9 for 1).

We also feature several optional bonus bets: Gold (40:1) and Low-Tie Max (50:1).


Bonus Gold Hit Chart

Bankers First 2 Cards Equals Players Third Card Is Banker Must Otherwise
3 8 Stand Hit
4 2-7 Hit Stand
5 4-7 Hit Stand
6 6-7 Hit Stand

Player Hand Rules

Must Hit Must Stand
0-1-2-3-4-5 6-7-8-9

If the players first two cards 6 or 7 the Banker will draw if the Banker has 5 or less, stand if Banker has 6 or more

Banker Hand Rules

Must Hit Must Stand
0-1-2 7-8-9
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