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• No Limit Hold'em

• Omaha Hi/Low Split

• Texas Hold'em

• 3 Card Poker

• Baccarat Gold

• Double-Hand Poker

• Pai Gow Tiles

• Pure 21.5 Blackjack

• Ultimate Texas Hold'em

• Commission Free Baccarat Gold

• Casino War



Looking for “live” action poker? For beginners to pros, we feature No Limit and Limit TEXAS HOLD’EM games. We also offer Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo Split, 7 Stud, and more (call our Poker Desk for more information).


Play the most popular game in the world. Bet Player or Banker. Closest to 9 wins. Want more action? Place a wager on one of our Bonus Bets which pays on qualifying hands.

*Double Hand Poker AKA Pai Gow Poker

Make a wager and receive seven (7) cards to make a two (2) card and five (5) poker hand. Beat the Bank hand and win. Play the optional Fortune Bonus Bet where a small bet can win BIG MONEY with a qualifying high hand.

*Pure 21.5 Blackjack

Why travel? We offer “Vegas” style blackjack here in San Jose. Featuring the Red Flex and Buster Bonus Bets

*Three Card Poker

One of our most popular games. Compare your three (3) card poker hand to the Bank’s hand to see who wins. Play the optional bonus bets and you could win up to 1000 to 1 on a qualifying bet. We offer the 6 Card Bonus bet, the latest and most popular bonus bet in 3 Card Poker.

*Ultimate Texas Hold em

Do you like to play Texas Hold’em? Ultimate Texas Hold’em features head-to-head play against the bank and optional bonus bets.

*Pai Gow Tiles

The ancient game of Pai Gow is played using Chinese tiles. There are 32 tiles that are arranged into stacks of 4 tiles. The object of the game is for Players to set their tiles into the two best combinations of two tiles to beat the Bank hand.

*Casino War

One card heads up against the Banker. Highest card wins. If you tie, you can “Go to War”. Play just like when you were a kid.

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