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Pure Spanish 21.5 gives you the best double down action around. In Pure Spanish 21.5 you can double down, double-double down, and even triple double down.

How To Play

Pure Spanish 21.5 is a variation of traditional Blackjack, the object of the game is to achieve the best possible point total of 21.5 without busting (“going over”), while also beating the Dealer’s hand. Key variants include automatic player wins on the value of 21 and having the option to double down after having already doubled down (“double-double”). Rescue is also an option in Spanish 21.5, as well as splitting up to four times and players may draw additional cards after a split. Spanish 21.5 is played with 8 decks and all “10s” are removed from each deck (Jacks, Queens, and Kings still remain).

Player must stand on hard 17 or more.
(Exception: double down/double-double down)

Dealer must hit a soft 17 and must stand on hard 17.

Pure Spanish 21
– If the both the Player and the Dealer have a Natural 21, the Player wins.
– Player wins 6 to 5.

Un-natural 21
-If the Player and the Dealer both have 21 and neither are a Natural, the Player wins even money.

All busted Players push when the Dealer has 888.

Double down on any two cards.
– Players must “double down” for equal.

Double-Double down
– Once a Player elects to double down and receives a double card, the Player then has the option to double-double down (double the total wager again), the Player may also rescue (take back) the last doubled portion of the bet or stand.
– A player may double the wager up to three times
*One double down
*Twice the third time being a double-double down with a maximum wager of up to eight times the original wager.
– After doubling a third time and receiving a double card, a Player only has the option to stand or rescue.
– If a Player “rescues” (take back) the last doubled portion of the bet, they then forfeit the remainder of the wager(s). Their play for the hand will then cease.

Rescue a double down wager
– If a Player is dissatisfied with his/her non busted hand, he/she may “rescue” (take back) the last portion of the bet and forfeit the remainder of the wager(s). Their play for the hand will then cease.

– Players may split any two cards of the equal value, including aces and J, Q or K.
– Players must place a second wager equal to the original wager.
– The Player may draw as many cards as desired per split card.
– NO splitting for less.
– Players may split up to a maximum of three times, giving a Player 4 hands. – Doubling down is permitted after splitting.

– Players may surrender 1/2 of their wager on their INITIAL first two cards of the game.
– NOT allowed to surrender after a Split, double down or after hitting their hand.
– Not allowed if the Dealer has a pure 21.5 black jack.


2 Suited Matches22 to 1
1 Suited + 1 Non-Suited Match14 to 1
1 Suited Match11 to 1
2 Non-Suited Matches6 to 1
1 Non-Suited Match3 to 1


In order to play the Match the Dealer, a player must have a base game wager and also make a Match the Dealer wager before any cards are dealt.” To win one or both of the Players initial two cards dealt must match the Dealer’s up card.