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If you always want to switch your cards in blackjack well here’s your chance. Play two hands and the option to switch your second card is now a possibility, continue on with the game by splitting, doubling, hitting or staying on your hand.


The object of Blackjack Switch is to get as close to 21 without going over and gives Players the opportunity to switch their second card to strategically add numerical value to their cards and obtain the best possible hand. A “Natural 21” occurs when a Player’s first two cards total 21.”
Each player plays two (2) hands and places a wager in both betting spots that are equal. Players have the chance of keeping the hands that have been dealt or switching their second cards around. (see example below)

All wining “Natural” blackjack hands pay 1 to 1.
– A Natural shall be achieved when the first initial two cards dealt has an ace as well as a ten value card. This hand must be achieved before any cards are switched.

Double down
– Players may double down on any two cards.
Exception must stay on 21
– Players may double down before or after a switch.
– Players may double down for equal or less.
– Players may not double after a split.

– A split may occur before or after a switch.
– Players may only split once.
– Split cards must be of the same value or rank.
May not double down after split.
– Split must be for even money.
– Players must split any two Aces dealt to them but may only receive one extra card per Ace.

Natural 21 pushes
– If the player and the Dealer’s hand are both a “Natural”, the hand is a push or tie, and no action is taken on the wager.

Dealer bust with 22
– All non bust hands are a push.
– All busted Player hands will remain a loss.
– All Natural 21’s win 1 to 1.

7-8-9 Same suit rule
– All Players busted hands push when the Dealer has 7-8-9 of the same suit.

Player Hand Rules

Must Stand OnMust Hit OnHave Option On
Soft & Hard 21 "Naturals"11 or Less12-20

Dealer Hand Rules

Must Stand OnMust Hit OnHave Option On
Hard 17 or AboveSoft 17 or LessNone


First 4 cardsPayout
Four of a Kind40 to 1
Two Pair8 to 1
Three of a Kind5 to 1
Pair1 to 1

Super Match Limit $5 - $50


To qualify for the Super Match bonus, the Players first four cards dealt must consist of a pair, three of a kind, two pair OR 4 of a kind.

  • Player shall place a Super Match wager if he/she has placed a base game wager prior to the initial deal.
  • The Super Match wager is determined separate of the base wager and will be settled before proceeding with the game

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