Spanish 21.5 plays almost exactly like common Blackjack – where the goal is to reach a higher point total than the dealer’s hand, without going over 21 (busting) – but with several exciting twists: Players may split up to 3 times, Players may also double down more than once, and Players automatically win when reaching a point total of 21.

In Spanish 21.5, 10’s are removed from the decks (all picture cards still remain).

To Start

Player(s) are dealt two up cards and must decide if they’re satisfied with their current point total (stay), or if they’d like to draw additional cards in hopes of improving their hand (hit).

The Exciting Twists

In Spanish 21.5, when Player(s) choose to double down, they will receive another opportunity to double down, a second time, if they’d like to draw another card.  This advantage creates for exciting possibilities of quadrupling strong hands.

Likewise, Player(s) may choose to split same-value cards up to three times, instead of the standard once; also creating for additional opportunities of increasing wagers on strong hands.

Comparing Hands

Once all Player(s) have made final decisions regarding their hand(s), the Dealer/Banker will complete their own hand and proceed to settle all wagers.


Spanish 21.5 offers an optional side wager, bonus, titled “Match the Dealer.”  The bonus wager pays out when the Player’s first two dealt cards match the Dealer/Banker’s up card.  The greater the match, the greater the payoff!


Who is the player seated in seat 1 with racks of chips?

Casino M8trix is a card room; player in seat 1 is an employee of a third-party corporation which “banks” all action when it’s their turn.  Players who “bank” all action assume the Dealer’s hand and settle all wins and losses between Players vs. Dealer’s hand.

Can anyone choose to “bank”?

Yes. Player’s may choose to “bank” any action, in turn, as long as they’ve placed a wager as a Player on at least the previous hand in play.

What is the $1 collection?

Because Casino M8trix is a Card Room and do not “bank” any action, $1 per every $100 wagered is a collection rake.

*Collection rake fees may vary depending on specific table limits

Can the dealer Split or Double their own hand?

No. The dealer may only Hit or Stay the “bank” hand, strictly according to the dealer hit chart (“House-Way”).

Can a player Double after Splitting their hand?

No. Unfortunately, players currently do not have the option of doubling their wager after a split, BUT in Spanish 21.5, Player(s) can split more than once the same hand.