Crazy 4 Poker is an exciting table game in which Player(s) make the best 4-card poker hand utilizing their five dealt cards.  The hand rankings mirror those from standard poker.  The goal is to create a stronger 4-card poker hand than the Dealer/Banker’s hand.

To Start

Player(s) wager two equal bets – Ante and Super Bonus – and receive 5 cards from a standard deck of 52.  Player(s) may then stay in the game by either matching their ante wager or betting 3x the ante with a pair of aces or better.

Comparing Hands

Once all Player(s) have opted to either fold or remain in the game and proceed to showdown against the Dealer/Banker hand, the dealer will reveal his/her 5 cards and highlight the best 4-card poker hand.  The dealer will then compare their hand against each Player’s hand one at a time.


Super Bonus – The Super Bonus wins when Player has a straight or better. The Super Bonus pushes when Player has less than a straight but beats or ties the Dealer/Banker hand.

Queens Up – The Queens Up optional bonus bet wins when Player receives a pair of Queens or better.

*Note: winning Super Bonus and Queens Up wagers are paid regardless of the Dealer’s hand.


Who is the player seated in seat 1 with racks of chips?

Casino M8trix is a card room; player in seat 1 is an employee of a third-party corporation which “banks” all action when it’s their turn.  Players who “bank” all action assume the Dealer’s hand and settle all wins and losses between Players vs. Dealer’s hand.

Can anyone choose to “bank”?

Yes. Player’s may choose to “bank” any action, in turn, as long as they’ve placed a wager as a Player on at least the previous hand in play.

What is the $1 collection?

Because Casino M8trix is a Card Room and do not “bank” any action, $1 per every $100 wagered is a collection rake.

*Collection rake fees may vary depending on specific table limits